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Q. CARDS (n.): Gay (homosexual) calling cards; usually with the addition of symbols or phrases below the name. As distinguished from gay note paper.

QUAIL (n.): A young boy, as seen by a lustful homosexual.

Queen: an effeminate boy or man; the stereotype effeminate homosexual. Many of the synonyms for effeminate are largely heterosexual in origin. Synonyms: Angelina; bender; bentwrist; birdie; birl; bitch; bunter; buttercup; butterfly; butterfly boy; camp bitch; chirujo; cissy; sissy; cooch; coolie; cot betty; cow; cupcake; daffodilly; dainties dandy; darling; duchess; duck; gay as a goose; fag; fairy; fay; feigele; fagola; fellow; femme; filly; finicchioi; Finn's place names; fish queen; flame; flame artist; flame thrower; flamer; flaming bitch; flaming faggot; flaming lady; flaming queen; flapping fag; flicker; flit; flossy one; flower; flutterer: flying faggot; freak; freak of nature; fruit; fruitcake; fu; fuff; fluff; gay girl; giddy woman; girl; glitter girl; hair fairy; lacy lad; laddie; lily; lily white; limpwrist; lisper; little dear; loca; maricon; maripose; mavis; milksop; milquetoast; min; mince; mince meat; mintie; hint of mint; miss boy; mollycoddle; mama's boy; muffie; mujerado; nance; nancy boy; nelly; neon-sign; neon-carrier; niceling; nicht; painted willy; pansy; panz; papaout; patapouf; pato; pee willy; Percy; perthy; petal; pix; fairy; pood; poof; poofter; pouf; powder puff; punta; queen; queenie; quin; quince; red lip; red one; screamer; screaming-bitch; screaming-faggot; screaming-fairy; screaming-mimi; screaming-queen; screecher; sis; sissy; sissy-queen; sister boy; Squeaking fag; squealer; sugar sweet; sweet boy; sweetheart; sweetie; sweet William; swish swisher; tapette; tauatane; tender lily; tit-face; toots; torch; tripper; triss; tweener; twinkle-toes; twit; twixter; uffimay; waffle; whoopsie boy; Willy; winny; yoo-hoo boy; whoopsie boy.

Queen Bee: A wealthy woman who surrounds herself with young homosexual men.

queen bees: Semen or any fluid secreted at orgasm. See come or semen of Synonyms.

Queen of Sheba: A black male homosexual. Synonyms: Egyptian queen.

queen of scotch: alcoholic gay.

Queen's tanks: prison cellblock for gay men.

Queen's Vernacular: consideredto be one of the first published dictionary of gay slang in English. [The Queen's Vernacular; a Gay Lexicon. San Francisco: Straight Arrow Books, 1972. By Bruce Rodgers. Republiashed in 1979 under the new title,Gay Talk by Paragon Books New York. The dictionary of gay, chiefly 1950s and 1960s American slang, largely drawn from speech. {just a note, fortunately I didn't discover this Dictionary until 1988, and was well on the way to having a Dictionary of my own. If I would have known that this, Dictionary already had been done, I would not have started the project.

1. [1920s] A male homosexual.
2. an effeminate boy or man; the stereotype effeminate homosexual.

queer-basher: a teenager or man that haraassing gay men, and assaulting them.

QUEER BIRD (n., obs.): A female homosexual.

Queer Nation: A Nation militancy radical gay group, was founded in New York City.

1. [hustler sl] when the buyer of a hustler, does the sucking. [I stoped the car and he asked if I was looking of a quickie.]
2. quick sexual act with little or no tenderness, a rushed act of sex. synonyms bang-bang-bang; five-minute shack up; flash in the pan; glory hole sex; one night stand; ONS; quick one; quick piece; short one; slam bam, thankee ma'am!; slam wham thankee ma'am!; tete-a-tete.
3. a person one has sex with only once. [I didn't get his name it was just a quickie.]

quick one: quick sexual act with little or no tenderness, a ruched act of sex. see one night stand or quickie for synonyms.

quick piece: quick sexual act with little or no tenderness, a ruched act of sex. see one night stand or quickie for synonyms.

quiff: [New York City mid '60s] generic antigay slur for gay men who will pay money to suck cock. [Bob needs money he is out looking for quiff.]

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