Gay Mood Enhancement
the Screen Saver
All gay Screen Savers come on a labeled CD encased in a slim jewel case and includes 4 Free high resolution photos of the popular well-hung, gay icon, Aaron having a private moment in his bedroom.
An example of Aaron and just some of his hot, hung friends included in this very special gay mood enhancement screen saver.
Reduced example of one of the many animations included on this Screen Saver CD. Gay Mood Enhancement is the NEWEST selection in our popular gay screen saver line. We all need an ego boost now and again, especially just before and sometimes after a night of clubbing. Gay Mood Enhancement is like a self-help tape only it's a screen saver and it's fun. Aaron and six of his hunkiest friends expose themselves and their feelings just for you. Hear Aaron give you six pieces of audio encouragement in his own voice about how smart and sexy you are. Almost everything in this screen saver is animated to give you the most positive, visual stimulation from Aaron and his friend's sensual nude actions. With Aaron's Gay Mood Enhancement screen saver...
"This day is all about you."

This Screen Saver CD contains two formats of this erotic screen saver: A stand-alone screen saver file format that is compatible with Windows screen savers (.SCR) and a stand-alone installable (.EXE) screen saver.

This CD not only includes this screen saver but also includes 4 original high resolution (200 dpi) photos of Aaron having a private moment in his actual bedroom. These images (8" X 6") are only available FREE with the screen savers. You can print them yourself (best when printed on glossy photo paper), put them in simple frames, and hang them in your play room, bathroom or bedroom. Each image is included on the CD in 3 different file formats: .bmp, .jpg and .tif.

(Sorry, Screen Savers are only available for Windows)

Reduced example of one of the many animations included on this Screen Saver CD.

Aaron's Gay Mood Enhancement screen saver CD
..........only $14.95

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