Gay Bar Etiquette, Obvervations from a Barstool with Phoenix
I'm Phoenix and I am a club kid with lots of observations and opinions about life, love, relationships, gay health and beauty, drugs, bar etiquette and much more. Make sure to check my 3D anaglyph images and personal biography while you're here.
There are many clichés out there but one that I have found to be true is Beer after wine is fine but, Wine after beer is queer. It’s actually true. If you drink wine after beer your head will more than likely start spinning and you may be perceived as a “mess.”

I know that you are a star. But get over yourself and at least greet the people on either side of you at a bar. By saying hello and exchanging a few nice words, you are not committing yourself to sex. You might be surprised; they may have a friend that you would be perfect for.

Test your bartenders skill: Did you know that when you want another drink you are supposed to merely move your empty cocktail off the beverage napkin and toward the bartender? I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how many times it works!

Be nice to that old queen next to you who said hello. Speak to him as if he is one of your friends and you might be surprised to find out that you are talking to a very experienced, intelligent 26 year old trapped in an old body – you’ll be there someday. You would be surprised by what you can learn and possibly benefit by the conversation. By knowing my uncle Aaron, I learned that older guys seem to have a handle on things and can really help you out!

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