Gay Life from Observations from a Barstool with Phoenix
I'm Phoenix and I am a club kid with lots of observations and opinions about life, love, relationships, gay health and beauty, drugs, bar etiquette and much more. Make sure to check my 3D anaglyph images and personal biography while you're here.
“Life is a Bitch and the you Die”
Well, yeah, that can be true. We all come from one or many dysfunctional beginnings. Some move on and others remain in their dysfunction and create their own Hell. Others work through their fears and dysfunctions toward Heaven on earth and beyond.

Christianity: Like my uncle, I’m a Christian but I don’t believe in or feel comfortable in any established religion. I also believe that there is validity to other spiritual faiths. As far as Jesus is concerned, I would think that if Homosexuality was an important problem, He might have at least mentioned it at least once in his sermons. He didn’t!

Don’t look for trouble: Be proud and be yourself but, don’t turn up the gay volume on your personality when you are in the midst of heterosexuals – it just makes you seem more insecure about yourself and your identity.