Drugs, Observations from a Barstool, with Phoenix
I'm Phoenix and I am a club kid with lots of observations and opinions about life, love, relationships, gay health and beauty, drugs, bar etiquette and much more. Make sure to check my 3D anaglyph images and personal biography while you're here.
Crystal: Don’t do “Crystal.” I have experimented with drugs in my life and I tried Crystal twice when I didn’t have enough money or contacts for what I really wanted. It was horrible! I was on-edge, grinding my teeth and blabbing all night. When I finally made my conquest for the night, I couldn’t even keep it up. The next day was shot with a major hang-over.

Crystal is made in someone’s kitchen, God knows who’s. Once a house has been used to produce this drug it cannot be sold but must be destroyed because of the permanent lethal contamination. Think about it!

You should really watch "Breaking Bac" on AMC.

Herb: If you insist on smoking the fun products of nature, follow these rules if you want to drink alcohol as well. Smoke first, then have a cocktail. If you get a good alcohol buzz on before you smoke, your head will begin spinning and you will swear that someone slipped something into your drink. Take my word for it, been there.

If you do smoke..make sure you send all your friends Digital Dudes free Ecards before you stuff that sausage in your mouth. You wouldn't want to get your keyboard all greasy.

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